What is happening with Scotland’s weather?

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What is happening with Scotland’s weather?

Scotland faced its most extreme temperatures in 2021 in recent years, according to a new report from The Met Office.

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Forecasters said the country recorded its coldest winter since 2011 and hottest month since 2013.

The west of Scotland was far drier than usual while the east was wetter.

The annual State of the UK Climate report says higher temperatures are the new normal and highlighted the ways climate change is affecting the UK.

Colder winters
Scotland experienced its coldest winter since 2011 last year.

The west of Scotland had a colder, drier and sunnier winter than average.

But temperatures south of the border were near normal for most of the winter.

However January was the UK's coldest January since 2010 - and the coldest month since March 2013.

Warmer summers
Scotland, alongside Northern Ireland, had its warmest month in July 2021 in eight years.

Temperatures across the UK widely reached 30C and the Met Office issued its first extreme heat warning.

However August was much cooler and most UK stations failed to reach 25C at any point in the month.

The highest temperature recorded was 27.2C at Tyndrum in Perthshire during a week of hot weather in the west of Scotland towards the end of the month.

Sunshine totals were also above average across most of western Scotland in 2021.

However the north of Scotland had the dullest autumn on record with just 70% of the average sunshine seen during the previous decade.